August 6, 2008

Favre "saga" must be put to bed soon

Category: Packers — Patrick Stumpf @ 9:00 pm

After just returning from a long vacation, over a month to be exact, the one thing that has failed to end is the Brett Favre, and I know it is clique, “saga.” I’m going to express my feelings once and for all on this as this issue has mercilessly dragged on without resolution. So let’s rewind. March 4th. Brett Favre tearfully retires in front of a shocked Cheesehead nation. It’s quite obvious he could have returned; everyone saw him display the same if not more fiery passion he’s played with since ’92. Of course, fans continue to undermine Ted Thompson. Brett and Ted do not see eye to eye. Even the casual fan can see Ted has been desperately trying to push Favre out of town for the past three years. But for fans to point the finger at Thompson is ignorant. The fact is, Brett, you retired. Nobody forced you to do so, no, not even Ted. The Packers gave you’re your shining chance to come back. You declined. Any devil’s advocate would say well he didn’t come back because he felt pressured. Well if he really loved Green Bay enough, if he was loyal enough, he would have come back.

Brett has been trying to run the franchise ever since Mike Sherman was head coach/GM. And that just can not happen. You can’t have a player be above the franchise. Ted Thompson recognizes that. Mike McCarthy recognizes that. That shows great leadership on their part; to be able to put their foot down to arguably the greatest player ever to set foot on the gridiron.

Now I understand there is another side to this argument, and that is Ted Thompson’s bias toward Aaron Rodgers, and there’s definitely substance behind that point. Thompson wants Aaron to do well because he had the guts to draft him when nobody else would. He wants to give him his chance, before he bolts. Since 2005, Favre has known Aaron was the future. And now he’s come back playing the victim card. It’s sickening. Brett you knew this was coming. Don’t waltz back to 1265 expecting your job right back, despite cool aid guzzling green and gold fans’ chants and website making. Packer fans: you need to put Brett Favre in the past. He’s gone. Don’t pull this “Fire Ted Thompson” crap. Just look objectively at what he’s done for this franchise before jumping the gun. He pulled them out of the NFC North cellar, drafted extremely well and put them in a position to go to the Super Bowl in just three years. How many GMs would have gone after Ryan Grant off the Giants practice squad? Or drafted Greg Jennings in the 2nd round? This guy has a rare eye for talent. Don’t place the extent of the blame on him. Sure he could have handled it better, the whole Packers’ PR department could have.

Who was the guy that cost the team the NFC Championship, like so many other guy in his career? In a, “What have you done for me lately?” society, many will remember that last fateful pass. Whatever happens, when this saga is resolved, myself and I’m sure many other Packer fans will be relieved, because the way Favre has handled this, many have began losing respect he took 15 years to earn. He has become nothing more than a crying baby who for once did not get his way. His distraction has put this team behind and denied them precious time to prepare for 2008. At this point, getting rid of the headache to the Bucs, Jets, wherever, is paramount. Getting a player or pick in return of would merely be a bonus.

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  1. I’d say it has officially been put to rest 🙂

    Welcome back!

    Comment by Knup — August 7, 2008 @ 6:21 am

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