December 11, 2007

Ex-Giant filling giant shoes for Packers

Category: Packers — Patrick Stumpf @ 10:53 pm

It’s the start of the 2007 NFL season, and you’re on the practice squad. If only that one team could give you a chance to show off your skills…and then you get the call. Due to your current team’s surplus of running backs, you have been traded to a team in dire need of one, and the opportunity to flourish has arrived with the blink of an eye.  

That mini-narrative may have been something similar to the roller-coaster experience Ryan Grant has gone through this past season. Yes, don’t get me wrong, I never expected this out of him either, but 12 games, 833 yards, and 5 TDs later, he has the Packers staring at the chance to clinch a 1st round bye and possibly home-field advantage throughout the ’07 playoffs. Not bad for a castoff, huh? The Packers have needed a consistent running game all season, and who would’ve thought they would have found this diamond in the rough off the Giants practice squad? Turns out, all Ryan Grant needed was a chance, and he’s clearly taken advantage of it. I sure hope he can continue to improve his skills and boost the Pack to may more wins throughout his career.

Now, for the big question (not to overlook the playoffs or anything, the draft just brings out the best in me): where will Pack decide to go in the upcoming draft with the RB position seemingly shored up. To me, I think they almost have to go secondary because with Woodson and Harris getting older, they won’t be able to take the pounding in a few years, and while Atari Bigby, Will Blackmon, and Tramon Williams have been capable (with their fair share of lapses), they need a new body in there. Antoine Cason, a veteran corner out of Arizona, should be available when the Packers pick should they decide to go secondary in the April draft. However, if GM Ted Thompson does not see the 6’1, 225 pound Grant as an adequate long-term replacement, West Virginia’s sparkplug RB Steve Slaton may be headed into the waiting arms of the Packer faithful, as the best player on the board.

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