February 7, 2008

Suns burn themselves in "Matrix" for "Diesel" swap

Category: NBA General — Patrick Stumpf @ 11:16 pm

I apologize for not posting in a few days, as I have been inscrutably busy, but I thought it would be a convenient time for me to vent on yesterday’s lopsided deal. I usually refrain from venting too often on the NBA because the game is so marred it’s ridiculous, but this one boils me over the edge. I had seen rumors on Rotoworld.com Tuesday night regarding this, and my thought process went something like…Amare and Marion or Amare and Shaq? Is this one even a question? How old is Shaq now? 35? And what else does he still bring to the table besides his porous free-throw shooting and his increasingly expanding gut? Not only does this move prohibit the Suns from maintaining their fun-to-watch “run and gun” style, but it clogs up the middle. Sure it’s always nice to have multiple bigs, but this doesn’t make any sense. The Suns say they needed another body when playing the Spurs and Duncan, well I’d say Amare and Boris Diaw are both dynamic and versatile enough to guard him. Shawn Marion was and will continue to be a valuable asset and integral part to any team’s playoff hopes. In addition to his silky smooth jay (disregard the unorthodox delivery), “the Matrix” could run the floor and finish on the other end for Steve Nash and Co.  Dwayne Wade is going to love this guy, and I applaud Miami’s management for stealing such a unique player for a washed-up one. It’s just an early observation, but I think the Suns, who’ve always had good intentions when dealing, suffered a major setback with this one.

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