February 16, 2008

Shock Value: Crumpler's cut bad news for ATL

Category: NFL General — Patrick Stumpf @ 1:11 pm

I’m sure alot of people were taken back Thursday, not just Falcon fans, with a wave of popular name cut loose. With Atlanta’s new GM Thomas Dimitroff in, it’s obvious they are parting with all baggage from the Michael Vick Era and move forward. Headlining the list were Byron Leftwich and Alge Crumpler, both thought to be big parts of the team at the start of last year. While I agree 100% with giving the door to Leftwich, who can’t stay healthy much less beat out Joey Harrington for a job, I can’t concure with Crumpler’s release. He took a step back in 2007 after stellar 2005 and 2006 campaigns (as Vick’s favorite target), but the man is still, in my opinion, a top-5 all-around tight-end in the league. He not only boosts their steady running machine, but he has consistently produced as their best receiving threat minus Roddy White, who took giant strides last season. And with rumors of Joey Harrington’s and possibly Warrick Dunn’s release on the horizon, this move is even more of a head scratcher. D.J. Shockley would seemingly be the next in line, and for a young QB like that, you need to have a saftey valve like a Crumpler to ease your progression. Without him, the Falcons will really struggle. Obviously, they feel they have an adequate backup plan, but I don’t see it as of yet. Regardless, Crumpler won’t be out of a job very long. Hey, the Packers could use a tight-end, but does Ted Thompson have enough guts to pursue Alge? He’s better than Bubba Franks, but only time will tell. 

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